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Hellooo! My name is Dustin Schreiber and I'll be introducing myself today.

I am a 28 year old software developer specializing in , , and .

I also have experience as an !

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Laravel Framework & PHP

Novice Beginner Proficient Expert Master Level



Since: Sept 2008 (13 years)


Since: Feb 2016 (6 years)

My favorite, and most knowledgeable, framework is the Laravel Framework!

Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. We’ve already laid the foundation — freeing you to create without sweating the small things.



This Website

Okay, so this website I didn't technically code, I just designed the theme. This site is built on top of Statamic which is based on Laravel.

A Custom CMS

A friend of mine works for a local web design company and I introduced him to Laravel.

As a project to help teach him, we designed, coded, and built a custom client management system where they store all types of information related to their customers. From basic documents like contracts, to service details such as "This customer has XYZ services, here is the configuration details".


I can't say much about this right now, as the project is still being developed, but lets just say: Apple's Continuity for everyone else.


Novice Beginner Proficient Expert Master Level


HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Since: Sept 2006 (15 years)


I started learning web development in middle school, around 2006. I started the way most people probably did around that time: Windows XP, Notepad, and Internet Explorer. I learned using PageTutor! (That site is still around at the time of this writing and looks the exact same as I remember it. Hi Joe!)

I learn best by doing, so the first "project" I worked on was creating my own version of PageTutor. I read and coded during my study hall and lunch periods. Eventually, I completed that project and realized that I needed more!

I don't remember much of my basic projects after that, just bits and pieces of things a good friend of mine, Zack, and I would trade with each other. Eventually I moved on to learning PHP but you can read about that over there.

These were the days of gradient navigation bars! I remember learning from him using a one-pixel wide double-stacked image and using CSS background positioning and repeat styles to create the perfect effect that changed when you hovered your mouse on an item. Good times!



Visual Basic .NET

Since: Sept 2009 (12 years)


Since: Dec 2020 (1 years)

I started programming desktop applications in high school after one of the IT techs suggested Visual Basic .NET to me. I went and picked up one of those "For Dummies" book and just started reading. 432 pages later... I don't really remember what I started working on honestly but I have a few projects saved from my time in school. I've uploaded to GitHub and linked the projects that I could find.

As for my C# experience, that is relatively new. I started working in C# ASP.NET for work. We had a COVID-19 Health Screening application that companies could deploy to help track and follow up with employees that may be restricted from entering the office due to potential exposure or recent travels

I became the US based team member that would deploy the application for our US based customers as well as provide front-line support and customizations to the application as needed. We deployed the webapp on Azure Web App services in each customers Azure tenant and utilized SendGrid and Twilio to provide additional services.


Slope Calculator (VB.NET)

One of the things I remember creating was a "Slope Calculator". It was during my 10th grade math class and we were on a graphing unit and I wanted a way to validate my homework assignments. It took in two points and did the math. Very quick and crude program but it worked for the short period I used it!

Instant Messaging Client (VB.NET)

Outside of school I worked on an instant messaging like chat program. Just something to learn and expand my skills with. It worked on the server-client model and used a basic PHP backend API and MySQL database to store and communicate with clients. It was polling based as I had not yet looked into real-time based communications in PHP or Visual Basic.

(I'm trying to track this code down still, I'm not sure I have it unfortunately as this was before I really started using source control systems)

ArmA Mod Manager (VB.NET)

At one point I was a member of a MilSim Arma group. Like most groups, we utilized game mods to bring in custom assets to changing the way radio communications worked. Around that time, coordinating "modpacks" and versions wasn't that intuitive or user friendly.

So, I made a custom program that would manage your local game install for you based on whatever mods we were using. It handled updating, adding, removing, and MD5 hash validating of mods.

Like my other projects at the time, it utilized a basic PHP API backend that just pulled information from a MySQL database and returned it in a JSON format to the client.

IT Systems Engineer

Novice Beginner Proficient Expert Master Level


Desktop Support

Since: Sept 2008 (13 years)

Windows & Linux Server Administration

Since: Sept 2009 (12 years)

Azure & Microsoft 365 Administration

Since: Oct 2016 (5 years)

I started out doing basic desktop support in high school during my study hall periods helping out the local IT staff. It was basic work just to get my feet wet but I enjoyed every minute of it! From system imaging to helping teachers with software and hardware issues, I dug into as many facets of work that I could.

After high school, I moved on to building my homelab. I began exploring cloud services and teaching myself more Windows Server and cloud-based systems such as; Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Amazon Web Services. I built an on-premise Exchange Server 2013 mail system and used that as my primary email for a bit.

My AWS experience is a bit more limited but I did consult for a friend of mines' company to help them move their web design into more modern ways of team work. We implemented tools such as Git, AWS CloudFront and S3, and automated deployment from Git on to their clustered web nodes.


A simplified, trimmed down, PDF version of my résumé can be found here.